How to use

There are steps to setup MtApi or MtApi5

  1. Install MtApi to program’s folder ( by default “C:\Program Files” ).
  2. Install MtApi expert into the terminal:
  • Metatrader 4
    Installer of MtApi try to automaticaly copy file MtApi.ex4 to Data User Folder of MetaTrader 4. If you will not find the expert MetaTrader you can copy it manually from “[MtApi installed folder]\experts\” ( by default “C:\Program Files (x86)\MtApi\experts\” ) to experts folder of MetaTrader 4 (open this folder from menu File–>Open Data Folder).
  • Metatrader 5
    Click on MtApi5.ex5 from “Start -> MtApi5 -> Expert”. Expert will be added to the terminal automatically.
  1. Setup expert’s options:

a) Metatrader 4
Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors:

b) Metatrader 5
Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors:

4. Attach MtApi Expert Advisor to Chart.

a) Metatrader 4

b) Metatrader 5

5. Set parameters of MtApi Expert:

Port defines a port of connection.
It has default values: 8222 (MT4) or 8228 (MT5).

6. Add References to MtApi.dll and Newtonsoft.Json.dll into your project in Visual Studio from installed MtApi folder

7. Enjoy! (see examples for using MtApi).


How to use backtesting (in MetaTrader 4):

  • Open Strategy tester (Ctrl+R).
  • Select MtApi.ex4. You can set port for connection in Expert properties.
  • Set all necessary properties for backtesting (Period, Symbol, dates and other).
  • Press Start. MtApi.ex4 will wait on incoming connection from client side.
  • Start client side and connect on defined port. MtApi.ex4 will resume backtesting.