Released MtApi (MT4) version 1.0.35

– Issue #51: Connecting localhost 8222
– Added functionality to lock/unlock ticks on each candle in backtesting mode.

These is new parameter in expert MtApi.ex4: BacktestingLockTicks. Default value is false. To use lock ticks on each candle user should set true value of the parameter. Ticks will be blocked on each candle in this mode. To unlock ticks user should call function UnlockTicks from MtApi client side.

The mode of locking ticks allow to perform some large computing on client side, send order functions to MT4 and  and be sure that command will be executed in time of the candle.

Released MtApi (MT4) version 1.0.34

Issue #45: Errors on parsing JSON

I have found that problem is related to order Comment that Exptert is trying to get in test mode during call function GetOrder/GetOrders from history pool. MetaTrader can return wrong comment string like this: “,”Magic”:372,”RequestType”[tp] .This string has broken json that is using in response of functions GetOrder/GetOrders.
I will disable using comment of order in backtesting mode. Unfortunately, this is only solution to fix this problem.

Release link:

Released MtApi (MT4) version 1.0.32

Issue #35: Implemented function TerminalInfoDouble
Issue #34: Implemented function TerminalInfoInteger
Issue #31: Implemented function SymbolInfoTick
Issue #31: Implemented function SymbolInfoDouble
Issue #33: Implemented function SeriesInfoInteger
Issue #27: Created bootstrapper project for MtApi MT4 with vcredist package

MtApi_Setup.exe contains VCRedist package and install it automaticaly.

Release link: